Ladies dance wear for practice and parties

I have a student that is asking me about practicewear or skirts. She mostly likes to dance standard but also likes to go to parties where they dance all of the ballroom dances. She was looking on the Dance America website and I'm not sure if that is a good place or not. Any suggestions of something she might want to purchase?


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I have a few of their pieces. They hold up well, come in colours and I for summer, I like that their fabric is thinner... though that does make it less forgiving.

I also like Izzo, and some have had good luck with Bravo (not me, their stuff is too short for my frame).

If she wants inexpensive - try regular dance websites and companies. I have a standard skirt that is actually praisewear, and a knee length circle skirt from Danskin (maybe Capezio?) that is great for parties. I've also got a few A-line jersey dresses from regular stores that work well.


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I second everything FancyFeet said. Dance America is wonderful, but can be pricey. Anything with "ballroom" on the tag seems to have an upcharge. Most of my practice wear/skirts came from regular dance sites, or sites geared towards latin social dancing. For social dancing, I usually just go with regular dresses with a full skirts, with some dance shorts underneath.


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I think Dance America tends to have a sale once a year when they change from the old catalog to the new. The colors and styles change then, too, so if you like something in this year's colors, get them now. If you are hoping for a different color, you might try waiting for next year. They always have lots of black available, though.

Agree with the others that with Dance America the quality is good and they are a bit pricey. But if they have what you are looking for, and it's in the budget, they are a good option.


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For a practice dress, Dance America, Chrisanne, and Miari I think are great choices. Chrisanne is generally my favorite because I think their practice wear is the best built - and has the most options for swapping out a skirt with a different top.

Doesn't danceshopper have a sale every year? I think that's where I got most of my stuff.

Some of the practicewear lines show up at competitions too if she's willing to go to one. They're often set up in the lobby before the ballroom, so she doesn't even have to pay for an admission ticket.


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For some reason this ended up pasted in another thread! Anyhoo...

As FF said, D-A holds up well. I haven't heard of those other brands- I know what I must do today!

One inexpensive option I've had great success with is Chico's skirts, mostly on eBay. I've found panel skirts and gored skirts with plenty of volume for practice and parties, both short and long lengths. "Travel knit" or "slinky" are good terms to start with.

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