Ladies....some tips to help you get more invitation to the dance floor

Hi, I have not been on this forum in a while. I began salsa dancing several years ago, but didn't really give it time and effort and dropped out of the scene. About two years ago I started dancing again and only a year ago, began making a real effort to go to socials. This was in Sydney, where the dance school I went to was a great environment with a lot of the students also going out social dancing a lot.

I normally did not get asked to dance a lot, and I think it was because of my dancing which was not that great. Also, I would go alone and not really talk to people since I did not know them. However, by the time I left Sydney, the situation improved quite a bit, specially since I spent time on several private lessons.

Here in Manila, I go out dancing at the few clubs weekly. I noticed that also very few people ask me to dance. I still go out alone and I often get asked by the same few guys. There are many more advanced dancers there (leads) and even if my face has become familiar to them, they don't talk to me and they don't ask me to dance.

I am about to give up on this scene here and switch to another dance style because of this. And, btw, I broke the ice once and asked a regular advanced male to dance, which he did. I kept up with him for the most part except for one or two moves. I thought this would encourage him to ask me to dance, but in the coming weeks he never did.

In fact, we went out in a group recently, this same guy virtually ignored me as did the other regulars in the group. When everyone was on the dance floor, I decided to slip out since it was getting late and i was not getting any dances anyway.

Any suggestions? I am a salsa addict, presentable and personable, so I don't know what is wrong in this picture...I also see these same guys sometimes dance with ladies who are clearly beginners...(they are mostly younger, but other older ladies there get asked, so....????)

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