Ladies that want to talk

My area and events in 2 other states have had very quiet music -- quite the opposite of Blues, Salsa, or night clubs!
I have to admit that there's a certain irony for me in this thread... Music is usually so loud at events around me that one can barely carry on a conversation OFF the dance floor. The odds of dancers being able to hear the chatter of other couples who can speak right into one another's ears is pretty low. In fact, about the only time you CAN hear anyone speaking is while you are dancing close embrace with them!

Steve Pastor

Staff member
One of the things that attracted me to AT was the absence of LOUD, indulgent electric guitar solos found in blues and country at that time.
I've often read that big bands that were known for their swing were LOUD. The instrumentation was rather different in AT, even when the bands were fairly big. I wonder how loud they were.

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