Ladies, would you wear these dresses to Prom?


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God no -- I didn't have the self-confidence to wear something like that back then, and it looks too trashy to wear to a formal dance, or out to a fancy restaurant, or any of that no matter what your age.

That said, for $395 you could cut the skirt off and turn it into a Latin competition dress.
Fortunately, I get to dodge the issue completely. I couldn't afford to buy such a dress for a party for my daughter. And fortunately, I've been working on shaping her taste since conception, so I sincerely doubt she'd even WANT to wear that dress in the first place, so issue avoided -- fruitless argument with teenage daughter over clothing completely avoided.

But, this really doesn't address the question. Let's say, for the sake of argument, she saves up her money from her own job and says she's paying for it herself. After making a rather useless argument about spending $400 for a dress you'd wear once, I suppose I'd throw up my hands. It's her money, and if she wants to flush it down the toilet on a beaded hanky, that's her choice. Just remember, that dress is probably going to mean NOT making that trip to England she's been saving for.

Next argument, would probably be a serious discussion about why she would want to wear that particular dress in the first place. Purchasing popularity with outrageous clothing usually doesn't work. Popular style setters determine the popular clothes, not the other way around. Of course the dress might look stunning on HER, but at 17 or 18, her date might not be able to handle the out and out D-Day level assault of her femininity on his not-too-well-defended masculinity. Clothing makes a personal statement about you, whether you like it or not. Carefully consider the statement you are making, and whether you REALLY want to make it. She might be bold enough to make the statement, but the mousy matrons of the the local League of Decency might be too terrified of what their drooling husbands might be thinking to want to hear that statement. In fact, it would be hard to imagine the average teenage boy or male faculty member being able to handle this dress in person. The female chaperones might be dismissed for being jealous, but the men might be more than jealous. Is she ready for one of her teachers to start coming on to her as a woman, not just joking around with her as a student? Genuine, adult male aggression can be frightening to a 17 year old girl, no matter how sophisticated she may pretend to be.

I think I would also haul out the argument that that dress is for looking at and being photographed in, not for really dancing in. Even if, as posted above, you cut it off, I don't think it would work as a competition dress. The construction isn't right. Grand jette is supposed to refer to the jumping of the legs, not the flying of the breasts.

If, after all this logic, she still insists, well, at 17, what can I do? If she's not going to listen to reason, let her find out the hard way. When she is humiliated at the door by the League of Decency Chaperone Squad who refuses to let her in, and turn deaf ears to the arguments that got passed marshmallow mommy, when she finds out that she is NOT as admired as she thought she was going to be, when her date is embarassed by her, not impressed, or she starts receiving some extremely unpleasant male harassment from the 49-year-old Beavis and Buttheads at the party, I'll just let her know that if she finds herself in a situation she can't handle, to call me, and I'll bail her out with a back-up gown -- no questions, no "I told you so." (I'll save that for the next day.)



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Holy cow!!! :shock:

I made my own dress for senior prom, and it covered absolutely everything... almost. And a good thing, too. I came down with chicken pox two weeks before, and my entire body was covered in the most unattractive spots. :oops: :lol: I went anyway. Prom is prom, after all.

No teenage daughter, though, so thank goodness I won't ever have to deal with that issue. If any daughter of mine brought that thing home, it would be on!! (Oh. Sorry. Lapsed into slang. :lol: :lol: ) She and I would have a bit of a... discussion. :lol:

It would make a nice Latin costume, though, if you have the bod. :wink:
:applause: Renee always has some good posts!

Back to the dress question, HELL NO!!!! Assuming we're talking about a prom and not a strip club (with whoever wearing being the one dancing and stripping, of course). The dress is screaming for attention, and it's trying too hard! Get something more tasteful and elegant for a prom!


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the story that i heard is that the dress was originally designed to be worn the other way around and the model put it on backwards. the designer was shocked but it received a positive response so they let it go that way.


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I didn't read your whole post, RJ. There are some Latin costumes out there very similar, and they do work. I assume that it's for several reasons -- one, some dance competitors are very, very, thin, so floppy breasts are less of an issue. Two, built in bra cups are truly miraculous things. Three, what's that fabric called? Nude illusion? That stuff works very well as insets. And four, toupee tape works to hold fabric in place. 8)

That said, my "if you have the bod," still stands. I saw a woman at a comp once in a costume similar -- a bit older, I assume, from the amount of sagging skin she had. She was super thin, but sagging everywhere I could see (which was a lot. :lol: ) NOT PRETTY. And not appropriate. If you've got it, flaunt it (if you want, and not at the prom.) But, if "it's" starting to sag (or bulge) find something a bit more complimentary, I think.
I probably would wear it if i still had the figure. I wore a fully covered dress to my senior ball and still managed to somehow have a boobie pop out by accident so hey whatever


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I agree that if you don't have the bod please don't flaunt it!! Please, pretty, please. It si so painful./ I gotta run away. :car:
Two words...bad design...a dress should do more than expose a good should also enhance it.

I couldn't help but think the design was a bad glittery take-off on the costuming on Star Trek....I believe the episode was "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"...ooops!...looks like I've exposed my geekette nature... :oops:


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Fair enough. But I think it also depends on the bod. Some outfits I've liked looked gorgeous on the hanger (or even somebody else,) but have looked horrible on me, and vice versa. So maybe, if you've got it, try the dress on? And if the dress looks good on you, then flaunt away, sister. :wink: :lol:
I'm right with you, pygmalion, if you've got the bod, in the immortal words of Mel Brooks, Flaunt it, baby, flaunt it." I'd even go a step farther and say, even if you haven't got the bod, if you've got the attitude, flaunt away.

(However, I still say that that dress, as made, would not work as a competition costume with out some serious reconstruction and retro-fitting. It simply does NOT have the built in bra cups you mentioned, or the stretch illusion net to hold everything in place.)

That said, there is also something to be said about appropriateness to the occasion. A high school prom is not the red carpet at the Oscar's. Prom night is supposed to be a night of elegance as well as glamour, dignity as well as fun -- and innocence. A prom is NOT a New York night club, any more than Church is the beach. It would be disrespectful to the other members of the congregation to wear your Brazilian dental floss to church no matter how great a body you have. The only reason any sane person would do such a thing would be to throw a huge F--- You to the other people there. That kind of aggressive abrasion I think would require a heart to heart, mother-daughter talk, and never mind the dress.

And most teenage girls do not have the attitude to carry off that dress, no matter how much they fantasize about being Britney Spears.

Now, we are talking about teenagers, again. I don't care who wears that dress to any adult function, but - I am showing my age - it sure doesn't belong at a high school function. As with the thread on the, umm, indecent dancing, this is definitely indecent dressing for a 14 to 17 year old no matter how great her body is!
As an experienced woman, I would love to have the body that could wear a dress like that. But, if I did, I would probably get too embarrassed once I left the house and never take off my jacket!


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I once dated a fine woman who dressed in some very provocative dresses when we would go out, but there is no way she would have ever worn a dress like that to a prom. She had class, style, and just enough attitude to pull a dress like that off, but would only wear it at the appropriate time.

In fact, she had this one LBD when she saw it she wasn't sure if it would work on her. She tried it on and ... wow! Short, halter top, buttons down the front, very sleek and stylish. Ok for a night out on the town, but she wouldn't have gotten caught at anything like a prom or wedding or celebration like event. (Her dress went missing from her closet one day, and she swears to this day her mother actually stole it on her. :shock: :roll:)

I feel proms are better done with dresses styled like a smooth or standard gown.
Actually the dress IS backwards. Here is a publicity shot of the style from the Xcite catalog

Much diff when on the right way!

Incidently its available in up to size 30...

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