Ladies, would you wear these dresses to Prom?

Joe said:
cocodrilo said:
Regardless of one's size, no matter how lithe or beautiful one is, a skimpy dress like that, in my opinion, would make one look cheap! There is a fine line between sexy and looking cheap!
Well, it costs a lot of money to look cheap! :D
Actually, if you browse the exotic dancewear sites, they're pretty cheap!
It's all nylon/spandex stuff anyhow, probably made in China...
Ok, I'm 23, and I'm one of those size 2 people and I at one point lived to compete Rhythm....and there's no WAY I'd wear that dress. True, the dress I made for comps was just as revealing if not more so (short skirt, back of the top was a clear plastic strap, you get the idea), BUT I knew for a fact it would stay put, it had built-in underwear and bra cups and it wouldn't shift no matter what I did in it. (Although I was kind of worried that the plastic straps would break, but they held, whew!)
This dress? Gimme a break. I don't care how gorgeous the dress is, if I can't put it on and forget about it, I'm not wearing it. And just imagine what would happen if someone stepped on the hem, either the girl or someone around her. The whole thing would pop off! Oh, and imagine grinding in this dress. Ewwwww!
If, hypothetically, my little sister (although I don't have one), or daughter, when and if I have one, decides she wants to wear that dress, I'd make her put it on and model it for me in the store. Most girls I know would NOT be comfortable being actually IN that dress at all, and if she can't wear it around the store, she's not wearing it to the prom.

Just to make it clear--it's not the exposure that I mind. It's the insecurity of the design. Yes, latin dresses LOOK skimpy, but they are seen from a distance, so you don't see all the nude mesh and skin-toned elastic that's keeping it in place. Any of those devices would look silly on a prom dress close up. And, a latin comp is a place where that sort of controlled exposure is expected and blends in. Even when very young girls wear those dresses, like in Junior comps, it's ok. They are not themselves on the dance floor, they are characters in a performance. They're embodying the idea of the Rhumba woman, or the Paso woman, whatever. It's like the women in the commercials--they are the "face" of the company, not the real people who change their kids' diapers and go grocery shopping. Prom is real, you go there as yourself and what you do reflects very much back on yourself.
And yeah, my competition partner is one thing. Pimply teenagers in mass quantities is something else.
Of course, I am a snob, and was an even worse one when I was in high school. I skipped my prom and was very relieved to do so.
bordertangoman said:
Isn't Prom short for promiscuous?
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah, but that's not what the girls' moms want to think....
And besides, part of the point is the "maybe, and maybe not" thing. If you wear that dress, the "maybe" is kind of removed.
Just wanted to say- I'm 22. No, I would not wear that dress. Yes, we all know latin costumes are pretty skimpy, but honestly, they're at least properly affixed to the body! My prom dress was very tight, spaghetti straps, and although it had more to it than that, it was very sexy, and I honestly had some concerns about its abilities - I was already into ballroom dance then, and went with a bunch of other ballroom dancers, so we did some pretty serious dancing (you know, random sambas to whatever we could pretend was a samba), and then actually went ballroom dancing afterward. And although ballroom/latin dancing is energetic, can you imagine bouncing around in that dress in the manner of today's teenagers? Can you imagine what would fly where? Any girl wearing that dress to a prom would need to stand still the entire night.
cocodrilo said:
Actually, if you browse the exotic dancewear sites, they're pretty cheap!
There's a stripper school that offers striptease and pole dancing classes to the public...sort of a get in shape/please your man/bachelorette party type thing.

Depending on the series package you buy, you get a free pair of stillettos and stripper outfit.

As for the dress....while I tend towards classical beauty (think Audrey Hepburn and the LBD in Sabrina), I would be willing to wear the sparkly strappy number. And, yes, my parents would have let me get away with it.

Within the confines of safety, I was allowed to push the envelope (and I am in the under 25 set) something failed or had poor repurcusions, I had to deal with them and act responsibly. That said, if the school policy says no to the dress, I would not. As far as decorum is concerned, I had the confidence and body to be able to wear that dress. I went to thwo proms and four semi-formals alone and had a blast by dancing with all the guys who were fighting with their dates.

In a discussion about the dress with a friend I said as much only to be given the reply that it is easier to say I would wear the dress than to actually do it...well, I was known for showing up to school in risque outfits
that definitly pushed the limits. In a short skirt phase, my mother prayed no gust of wind would come by as I walked from the car to school. Did she let me go with a way to short skirt, yes...and I learned within an hour that it wasn't me and unrolled the hem to add length.

Was I trashy, never there is a fine line between trashy and classy, but risque can be either when dealt with accordingly. Was I pushing the limits, oh yes and I stood out a lot living in a rural town in Vermont. And doing all of that helped me realize a lot about myself, what my comfort levels are and what is acceptable.

That said, I do think the school should ban a dress like that, however the question was...would I wear it. I do not think it approprate for girls, and yes, even though some are 18 and responsible and mature they are still girls with a long way to go in learning about their sexuality. Nor do I think boys, no matter how nice they are or knowing someone from the cradle, are able to handle their hormones. But kids need to make mistakes and take risks to learn and grow, it is up to adults to set the limits of that for kids safety.


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Interesting. I'm totally swamped today, but had to check in and see how this thread was going.

Wanna know what's wrong with this thread? We're answering a bunch of separate questions, at least it looks that way to me. One is, "would you wear this dress?" And two is, "should girls be allowed to wear this dress to the prom?" And there are others. (Incidentally, the connection to an actual dance topic is tenuous at best, but what the heck! :wink: :lol: )

So here are my answers.

No, I would not wear that dress. I have a curvy hourglass figure AND a short waist. Neither would work well with that exact design, IMO. Would I wear a dress that revealing? In a heartbeat, if I find one that flatters my shape and an appropriate social setting. Done it. I'll do it again. I'm firmly in the "if you've got it, flaunt it," camp. I think it's really hard to say that this much fabric or that type of design automatically looks cheap; it's all case by case, IMO.

Would I wear that dress exactly as designed to go dancing? Probably not ... at least not without sewing in some $5 bra cups and investing in some toupee tape. Would I use that dress as the basis for a Latin costume? Quite likely. With a small investment of money and some time at the sewing machine, it'd be a lot less expensive than some costumes out there.

Would I let my teenage daughter wear that dress to a prom? No. But I can sympathize with the parents who would. Ya gotta pick your fights. When there are a teen and parents involved, there will be plenty of fights ... most likely. So, if some parents opt to let little Suzi have her way and wear that gown, it's probably beuse they're too tired to fight that particular battle. Of course, if the principal sends her home ... *shrug*


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Ooh! Nice post, leftfeetnyc. 8)

And good point about your parents allowing you freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Mine did the same in a lot of cases. Maybe they were just tired (I'm the baby of seven kids and twenty-something years younger than the eldest.) But I think it was a calculated move on their part -- they were there with the safety net, but they still let me take my own falls sometime. And I wore some pretty revealing stuff as a teen. Nothing tacky, but I did occasionally show some skin. :lol: Made my own clothes, so I could adjust things and make myself comfortable. 8)

Boy! They're smart. 8)
Ditto on everything Random Mysh said.

And yes, pygmalion, "prom" is short for "promenade" which originally had the connotation of something like a parade -- couples at a formal court function would parade or promenade past the king and gawking on-lookers, a "seen and be seen" sort of ritual, foreshadowing today's red carpet walks for the papparazzi. In order to carry it off well, both men and women had to take dance lessons ("ballet") in order to be able to walk with the correct carriage and dignity suitable for the French court (think Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, and all that obscene, glorious excess).

BTW, I decided to get some "expert opinion" on this, and consulted my daughter. Hah, hah. She's heard nothing about this, has not seen the dress, has heard no talk of it. I asked her to inquire among her friends, as I would be very interested to know what they thought, since most of this discussion is being carried on by people older than 25, and there's only been a couple of posts from girls who are actually still in high school, and most of those comments have been directed towards competitive costuming. She reluctantly agreed to ask, but seemed bored by the whole topic ("Isn't the prom in June? Why are they talking about dresses already?"). So, I don't know how helpful she'll decide to be.

So many teenagers. So few recipes.

Toupee tape is one of the greatest thing on earth.

There's a hustle champ who made three costume changes on two pieces of tape. She left the tape on her skin and would pull the costume off it. This was over the course of about 5 hours as she taught workshops and demos. Granted the costumes weren't as revealing, but damn.....that tape goes a long way, and it's cheap. I paid $8 for a pack of it to wear with some halter tops and tubetops doing WCS....pretty much a life supply for that amount.
Imho the dress worn rightside round ( and it is advertised rightway round too not the backwards as the NYpost showed it) From the way the dress curves I bet its more supportive than it looks

I think it is nowhere near risque and personally dont understand what the objection is. Its better that the plumbers crack you see nowadays
It should be on its way out hopefully since higher waistlines are more "modern" I remember 12 years ago when Alexander McQueen showed the "butt clevage pants" and everyone was shocked screaming indecendcy and no one will wear that. Now every teenybopper wears that look.

Lets face it prom is often these girls only time to dress up until their wedding so why dont let them wear what they feel beautiful and sexy in.

Whether you like it or not young girls are more comfortable with their sexuality and looking sexy that its almost a non issue. Cleavage has been exposed for centuries in fact in the 16thC ( or thereabouts) it was diriguer to wear your corset boobies half out so to me seeing a little curve at the sides and in the middle of the clevage is no big woop. With so many fakies out there I'm not sure guys even look anymore. 'Sides when I went to hs the guys were fairly wimpish when it came to making contact.

There are other more distrubing things to be worried about like young girls picking out male professors and sitting in the front of the class sans panties and crossing their legs
tasche said:
Cleavage has been exposed for centuries in fact in the 16thC ( or thereabouts) it was diriguer to wear your corset boobies half out
To take that a step early Louis XIV's court and for a few generation prior, there are instances of completely exposed breasts. It was a way for the aristocratic women to show their still perky boobs after child birth (due to the use of wet nurses) and as they got older and were still expected to be youthful and beautiful.

During pageants and skits that King's and Queens courts would put on, many women would have one breast exposed during Greek themed performances.


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I'd get lynched if I wore this! "Bookwormish gal goes commando!" I can see the headlines...
I usually cover every inch of my skin with fabric. I think my teachers and mates would have to get triple bypasses. :?
Other than that, I don't see what the fun is in showing off your boobs that way. Wear cleavage if you want to (I know I do!) but don't pull off a striptease. I mean, if you want to impress, you can wear feathers! :p :p

Twilight Elena


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MacMoto said:
cocodrilo said:
pascal said:
What is "prom" ?
A "prom" or a "ball" is a formal party for junior or senior high school students. It usually involves dancing.
And apparently it's a major event for high school kids in the USA as you can see from the number of "I've got to learn to dance before the prom!!" posts we get on DF :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Back in my high school days (and who the heck ever said those would be the best days of your life was totally wrong), there was no such thing as the internet. Grinding didn't even exist. ;)


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randomMysh said:
bordertangoman said:
Isn't Prom short for promiscuous?
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah, but that's not what the girls' moms want to think....
And besides, part of the point is the "maybe, and maybe not" thing. If you wear that dress, the "maybe" is kind of removed.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm not sure which of these was funnier. ;)

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