Latest fashion pink gown for sale

Reducing the price to $1675. You can see it on the floor at the Desert Classic in the IDSF Standard event on July 10th. PM me if you might be interested in trying it on.

You look a million dollars wearing that. Very beautiful both of you. As a man I can't understand why you are selling.. :lol:

Next I'll be telling you off for selling shoes. Good luck with the sale :D
Reduced price $1450. I can bring it the the Nevada Star Ball if you want to try it on.
Since no one wants to buy this dress at $1450, I'm raising the price back up $1650. I bought some rhinestones for a necklace and the big teardrop crystals that cover this dress are expensive. This dress is just too beautiful to part with (at this time :) ) for that price! Now I know I'm crazy for sure.
Thanks Skwiggy. I've been looking for another Utah-legal dress and I can't find one that beats this gown. If I do, I might be more motivated to sell this one.


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It’s a beautiful dress, $1650 is reasonable offer in my opinion, you are not crazy, star_gazer; it is a fact super hard to find great-looking Utah legal dress, so that adds value to the dress for those who competes in Utah;)

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