Launching our new studio website!

Thanks Kat & Standard Dancer. Please check out the video section for the video & photo slideshow.

The girl in pink/yellow dress is Paige Inman. Amateur Rising Star with Ivan Spasov!

Standard Dancer, yes, I got so many compliments on that coral evening gown. I wanted to be different & stand out, and I guess I did just that! :)
I just noticed that the title for the home page says "Ballroom Dancing Studio." It's better to put the name of the studio there because when you bookmark the page, what comes up in "Favorites" is what you have in the title. Right now, it says "Ballroom Dancing Studio," which is not distinct enough.
Interesting, I don't know why it does that. Will have to check it out. That only happens when you add to favorites.

Hmm...I have yet to figure out my site using these really clunky tools the hosting vendor provides.

But thanks for pointing it out. Never knew that!

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