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While at a singles event, myself and a male friend (both of us dancers) watched as four guys tried to hit on a small group of girls. For two hours they asked names, what they did for a living, hobbies, etc.

At the end of those two hours no one could remember a name, who did what, nor had any phone numbers been given out.

With 20 minutes, my friend was able to get a number from each girl.

Why, partner dancing. We did a West Coast when a good song came on. We followed it up with a Hustle. Two girls asked him to teach them after the hustle ending. He did, two numbers down. Their two friends gave it a shot and he got their numbers as well.

It took two hours for a few non-dancers to get no-where....and 20 minutes for my friend to get four numbers and groped.

I'd say partner dancing is the way to go! Despite the thread being started quite a while back, there are plenty of partner dances that can be done while out at a party or a club. I have a set of 4 friends that invades bars to get in some West Coast and NC2S. And many things learned partner dancing can be translated into freestyle dancing that often looks better then the average club goers bouncing.
heyy. i am 16 years old but have been doing competition dance ever since i can remember. you should just try going clubbing every now and then and check out peoples styles. you said that you can`t take dance lessons but you should try searching for a place that interests you. dont worry about being the oldest. in my studio they have age levels so you arent embarrassing yourself infront of 4 year olds. look into neighboring towns so that you can still take lessons with english speaking teachers. dont go for the videos. trust me. they dont teach you what you need to know. you could be doing it wrong the whole time and since the video cant exactly critique you, you could end up going to a club thinking that you can dance...never a good thing. you have to remember that you are your hardest critic so you could be better than you`re giving yourself credit for. ask a couple of your friends(preferabley girls) if they can give you a few tips. compliment them on their dancing first and say that you cant dance for so what. theyll probably feel sorry for you(a good thing) and teach you a couple of moves.or just take community dance. if you do take hiphop. it goes with basicly every kind of music that clubs play and its very fun to learn. ive taken hiphop for 10 years now and i dont plan on giving it up. you could also try gymnastics. it sounds boring but after a while you will be able to be in the breakdance circle rather than watching. ive taken acro(gymnastics and dance combined) since i was 4 and it is also very fun. there really is no way to learn free style. thats why its called free style. you are just basicly supposed to feel the music. but it doesnt really matter for guys. just kinda stand there and move from foot to foot. its ok to say you are a bad dancer. thats a turn on:) dancing doesnt matter as long as you can slow dance. turn on your radio and just stand in front of a mirror dancing what you feel like. if you look gay, change you rstyle. when u ifnd one that you like take it to the clubs. see what you think of it. its ok to mebarrass yourself. because you will probably never see those people again. ive embarrassed myself a lot in recitals and competitions. including one time when i was doing my acro routine and did a handspring into the judges table. dont worry. i got over it. finished my routine and still got 4th. you can do the same. just get over your mistake, do some improvising and dance. there is no wrong way.
i dont know if i helped you but i tried.
Similar situation

I'm 18, just graduated from high school, but the girl I'm dating is a senior. I weaseled my way out of ever learning how to dance while I was still in HS while still attending events such as prom and homecoming, but she's a very active person and I know she'll want me to go to a lot of her dances when possible. Typical high school dances, rap and r&b, slow dancing is easy to me, but what I don't get is when the dj is playing rap. Most of the time my friends and I stood in a large group and watched other people dance. Since then I've become a lot more outgoing, but overconfidence in whatever I'm doing may end up with me looking like a retard. She doesn't seem like the grinding kind of girl, so how am I supposed to dance with her during "fast" songs? I'm comfortable enough with the music; I'm a musician myself. I understand rhythm and all that jazz, but I don't get what the heck I'm supposed to do unless it's just bobbing back and forth! I don't know where to begin, including what to do with my hands.. my head.. I imagine the situation would very much be myself and her friends standing around with them dancing, but I'd like to be a part of it, too.
well i'm an avid clubber. i go almost every week. if you want to learn how to dance at clubs you can watch a lot of mtv. It's not too hard to dance to hip hop since the beat is extremely simple. A two-step is basically stepping to the right with your right foot followed by stepping right with your left foot then doing the same thing with the left foot to the left followed by stepping to the left with your right foot. Make sure you do this to the beat tho. after learning this you can do different variations once u feel comfortable. also watch hitch. he teaches the guy how to dance at a club lol.
Johnny- I agree with alot of what was said by the others.. alot of it is just getting out there and having fun, not caring what ppl think.. But also I think it is important that you do try to go take dance classes and that will help you feel more comfortable when you're out. I suggest taking beginning hip hop classes.
I realize that you have probably learned how to dance by this time (since it is February 2005, now... and you posted a year ago).

Anyway, IF you still have no idea, I recommend a movie that just came out: Hitch (starring Will Smith)... there's a scene in the movie where Hitch (Will Smith), shows Albert (Kevin James of "King of Queens") how to dance (for clubs and such... no raves, however;) ).
And no, he doesn't show Albert how to do something like this, fortunately.

If you don't want to see the movie, or can't afford it, here's the basic jist of it:
1. Start standing with your feet together
2. Move your right foot one step sideways, feet together
3. Move your left foot one step sideways, feet together
4. -repeat-

That's all the steps you're going to make.
- The amount of space that you should only take up would be 3 feet wide.
- For the beat, as someone else stated, most songs are in 4/4 time. I'm sure that since you know how to play guitar, you can count time. So with that, I can assume that you know that each step is one beat:
feet together (1...), step right (2...), feet together (3...), step left (4...), feet together (1...), etc.
- You arms will stay at your sides, bent at the elbows at a 90-degree angle.
- Your hands could be in a fist, or be snapping to the beat.

I don't remember any instructions about the head (besides having your eyes kept on the girl, and not biting on your lips), so I suppose you could do whatever you want with it ;)

I'm sure you can do variations on this move, but nothing to dramatic such as going all crazy, flailing your arms absolutely everywhere.

(I just saw the movie today, so I have yet to also "master" these new instructions.)

As for grinding, I'm sure many others have helped already, but if that hasn't worked, you can sometimes rely on the girl you're dancing with to help you out. My first time grinding, I had no idea what to do... but then my girlfriend showed me how.

Hope I could help!
Would this really be okay for "fast" dancing with a girl? I can slow dance, and grinding is pretty...easy. I just don't know what to do when I'm not grinding or slow dancing.
I'm pretty much in the same boat. I've checked out some hip hop classes but decided to learn from DVDs instead to save some cash and some embarassment. To go back to the question posed earlier I have actually bought a number of DVDs and can tell you which ones worked for me.

The first one I bought was one of the groovaloos series. I was impressed with the dancers but really overwhelmed. They spent more time showing off than actually teaching you the moves and there were so many instructors that I didn't know where to look first. I moved onto You Can Dance which seemed to advertise what I was looking for. I was really suprised with the good reviews I found on them online (I ordered most of these on amazon) The moves were clearly outdated and too simple to ever use in a club. Also, were they meant to be for women?

The two DVDs I found most helpful were Kelly Peters and the Nightclub Dance Series. Peters broke down the moves slowly and efficiently and on a much better level than any of the previous dvds. My dancing improved and I was actually pretty content until recently when I saw the Nightclub Dance Series. It promised to teach you exactly how to dance in clubs - which is something I've been searching to do the whole time, so I figured I'd give it a try. While I think I liked the moves in Kelly Peter's more, overall they were a lot less practical and a little goofy for clubbing. This latest addition to my collection was probably the most useful and effective, although I wasn't a beginner when I got since I've practiced to other dvds. Still, after searching for a video that really taught me to dance, this is the one I would have to recommend. Let me know what you guys think.

I'm a 17 year old guy, who has always loved music. I love playing the guitar and I'm always listening to music (even during class :twisted:). The problem is though that I never went to any dancing lessons when I was younger, and right now I'm about as stiff as a pole.

At parties I usually try staying away from the dance floor, even though I would love being up there, because I know I'll most certainly make a fool out of myself. Thats why I've really decided to learn how to dance at least a little bit. I'm not talking professional dancing, travolta style (even thought that would be cool) but just being able to look good on the dance floor.

You know the kind of music being played at parties/night clubs... R&B, party remixes of songs with lots of bass pounding all the time, pop music and so on, thats the kind of music I want to be able to dance to. As I'm really awfull now I don't want to take lessons, but was thinking of buying me one of these videos. I've been looking at a few, including :"Anyone can dance, freestyle" "You can dance nightclub"

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on which video is best or any other advice that could make this a wee bit easier for me, then that would be great.



I think you should watch Grease even though u say no travolta style if you can do it in slow mo alot of the mves are not to hard and when your at partys watch the people dancing and if someone in your house dances watch the recital i mean watching can help and also be original lol and go on dance videos and watch them they are really cool just sit down when you have time and just watch there feet nothing else just dont do bella dancerella lol it doesn't help:D
nightclub dance series

Gamble, thanks for your post. I bought Hip Hop Moves For The Club based on your suggesstion and really enjoyed it. I liked the fact that there were two sections, one for grinding and the other for dancing apart. I think one of the moves was definitly from Hitch though :D

I feel a lot more comfortable dancing in clubs and I enjoed its tips on how to approach women on the dancefloor. I think I'm still gonna have to take hip hop classes though to make my movements more fluid. Does anyone know of any good classes in nyc that arent for fitness?


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Why would'nt you recommend night club dancing.. I mean thats where I would go dancing... at night clubs...
salsa, hustle, and west coast swing are awesome dances to do at night clubs... can only speak for myself, but way more fun to dance these dances than by yourself.

you can dance these dances to many songs played in regular nightclubs, as well... cool R&B, funk, trance... there's a whole world of amazing dancing out there.

maybe try a few lessons from one of these dances & see what you think... plus, great way to meet people. and, speaking from experience, definitely not just for "50+" :nope:

my 17 & 19-yr old sons are curious about learning...
Gamble, thanks for your post. I bought Hip Hop Moves For The Club based on your suggesstion and really enjoyed it. I liked the fact that there were two sections, one for grinding and the other for dancing apart. I think one of the moves was definitly from Hitch though :D

I feel a lot more comfortable dancing in clubs and I enjoed its tips on how to approach women on the dancefloor. I think I'm still gonna have to take hip hop classes though to make my movements more fluid. Does anyone know of any good classes in nyc that arent for fitness?
Obviously you posted this awhile ago but if you're still getting notifications about the thread, have you checked out Broadway Dance Center? Or Steps? Both studios have hip hop lessons, taught frequently by dancers who've toured with the likes of Janet Jackson, Ja Rule, Rhianna, etc.

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