Learning Tango "Syllabus" from Video?


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I just got an email from dancevision, which has some brand new Argentine Tango instructional DVD's for sale. They're advertising the DVD's as tango "syllabus" videos. Huh? Is there such a thing as a tango syllabus? And is learning from video a good idea? Watching videos for entertainment or ideas, sure, but I've always thought that, or all the dances out there, Argentine tango is one you absolutely MUST learn by feel.

What do you think?
Hi pygmalion-

I think that instructional videos have their place in helping one learn to dance. However, they're hardly a substitute for actual instruction from a teacher who can offer corrections and feedback-- regardless of the form of dance.

As for a syllabus- I'd say that it's valid as far as the makers of the videos are concerned. However, most tangueros/as the world over are probably not losing sleep comparing their skill set to this or any other video syllabus.
Welcome to DF, argent blues. :) Nice to have you with us!

Jenn, argent blues' comments are spot on. I imagine the syllabus covered includes the basic patterns and things like ochos and tango walks, but, as AB mentioned, there's nothing quite like learning in real life.

Having said that, I've learned heaps about latin from videos, but only got so much out of them having done real-life lessons. The Argentine tango ones I've seen haven't been too bad, but then I don't look at them through the eyes of someone who's never danced tango before.


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bordertangoman said:

tango syllabub is a better idea! :D
Way too funny!! :lol:

My ideas of learning tango and any other dance are continually evolving. I think that they are pretty radical by now. One of these days when I start to teach I'll try some of them out.

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