Least Favorite Things


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Dirty dishes left ON the counter instead of being placed IN the dishwasher.
This. I also *despise* when people (usually houseguests) stack dishes/cups in the sink with water in them - not clear whether they put the water there to soak them or if it is runoff from the faucet - yeah, now I don't want to touch that. It could have gone directly to the dishwasher in much less yucky fashion.


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when slugs munch on my hydrangea plant, fox news, okra, black eyelash glue, people who perpetually feel entitled, big city traffic, milk, cold calls from aggressive salespeople or charities, sticky dance floors, slippery roads, sore knees, running out of printer ink at home when I'm on a deadline, my job.....oh, and sweet tea. I'm talking about the stuff they serve in the south that makes dentists rich and causes your pancreas to have a stroke. Not a fan.
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