Lecture on mental preparation and focus for competition

After years of training, thousands of dollars, blood, sweat and tears, and losing is not an option.. In a competitive sport where final outcome is rests on the opinion of a judged panel… I ask what steps do I take now to win a decisive victory that will lead me to the highest point of the champions circle?

As a project, a friend of mine ( English top Finalist, currently competing top amateur in the US) and I want to offer free lectures/discussions on mental preparation and focus for competitive dancing. We are doing this as a research project, to help us further this topic.

What we need is a small group, preferably a college group class or team and a space. Preferably in the NYC area. Anyone who dances is invited.

Any questions??

Larinda McRaven

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Perhaps you would like to elaborate on who you and your friend are so that our members might know who is doing the lecture?

Also maybe your research project could be helped simply by you participating in our already on-going discussions.


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Hi Flexi,

Welcome to DF! :D

Perhaps you could start a thread here on DF and see what information you could discover via asking questions and getting feedback from our members on this topic?

Larinda points out if you are advertising their is a requirement to participate in our dialogue on this site. Having a thread like this would help you assure yourself that your ad would be permited to stay, and otherwise it faces removal within the next week.

Hope to see you posting!


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This actually sounds like a great project. If you're doing research, this is a good place to do it, IMO. Any question you post will most likely get more answers than you can handle. Good luck. 8)

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