Legends of Tango Dance -- documentary


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There are no English subtitles on this video version, but the credits indicate that Rebecca Shulman did the translation. The film is dated 2014 and made by The Argentine Tango Society (whoever they are). I just finished viewing it tonight.


Steve Pastor

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Bummer. I get a message that it is private.
Just as well, since I have some microbrew to drink (along with a meal, I might add.)
Look at the time!


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Yup. Jantango, it does look like only people with a Youtube account (and logged in) can see it, at least from that link. I don't know who posted it, but it certainly isn't publicly accessible.


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I found the link on a Toronto tango blog. It was working, but the owner changed it to private. Nothing we can do about it except wait for it to reappear.

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