Life of an (ice) dancing couple

thanks for the photo. hits quite close to home. i love that photo of them (the small thumbnail to the left of the online article...) beautiful pose.
I can't wait to see them in Italy....they are beautiful to watch.

Coming from the skating side of things...I know how expensive training, ice time, travel because you need to be known internationally , costumes etc can it the same in the Dancesport world?

Curious....what it takes to become top in the world...
what does ice time run, per hour?

most ballroom pros i know pay more per hour for coaching than the 90 that was quoted for this ice dancing couple, but maybe the ice time evens it out.
And I suppose it is not quite as easy to practice in your living room :)

I wonder how much off-ice practice time ice-dancing couples put in.
Well, generally around here you can get ice by the hour - ranges around $10-20.00 depending upon where, when etc...add onto that coaches fee which I believe I read $90.00 per hour....(was that right???) I would imagine you would get at least 3 hours of coaching time per week. Then you have the other training that is done off ice such as ballroom, maybe by the end of each week you are looking at close to 400.00 per week. It's crazy!

The skate blades I would imagine they are getting at a reduced rate as they are known for using the Watts Freedom blade but regular retail price is around 470.00.....Blades can be used for several years - providing your foot doesn't grow! Boots are another 470.00 and those don't last more than a year.

Then you have about four costumes - which are used all season. And you all know how much dressing up can cost!
THERE ISN"T ONE. just go to the new york times and look for the article. you'll have to have signed up for a free registration to read it now - it's a couple days old.

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