Likes and Dislikes -- What Makes West Coast Swing?


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I will. And yeah. It can be time consuming. *sigh* I'll try to find the relevant stuff, though, and come up with a descriptive title and a question or two to get/keep the conversation going. This is why it's time consuming.


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Funny you should ask. There is a debate raging right now about just that topic and it caused a huge thing at US Open last year. There is a group of people saying there isn't enough "swing content" at the higher levels and are threatening people with disqualification. So the competitors say, "OK. What counts as swing content?" and the answer is kind of "we know it when we see it." But, yeah...slotted (although it's very fashionable to drift the slot or let it rotate first one way and then back), some footwork. There should be some triple steps, particularly on the anchors, although it doesn't have to be every time. Definitely anchoring.

I'd love it if someone else could weigh in on that topic.
Yes, it's very fashionable to completely ignore the fact that WCS is a slot dance. It seems that every other workshop instructor is showing people how to drift all over the place. That would be fine and good but when women go out of the slot excessively it becomes very difficult to lead them. I'm not convinced most of these women can stay in a clean slot, but one thing for sure -- they have no clue how to go out of the slot without getting on my nerves!

I am reasonably sure the cool guys are botching the leads just as bad as the ladies are messing up the follows because most of the moves being taught are not even close to being lead/follow. I suspect ladies are learning to go out of the slot for self protection more than anything else.

Very, very bad trend. Maybe it's OK for showcase but not for social dancing. If WCS dancers are so bored with slots why don't they start dancing Lindy or ECS where it does work?

Shame on the instructors that are teaching this stuff just so that they can be trendy!
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