Lindy and Salsa Volunteers wanted - Reno - April 7-10


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Please find below, an email I received from Joby "Brava" Martinez re the Reno Dance Sensation event, taking place April 7-10.

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Hi everyone,

I (Joby) will be teaching Salsa at the Reno Dance Sensation
For event details see:

They really need volunteers for Reno, so anyone that wants to go to the event, but can’t really afford it, please volunteer for the event. Contact NATHAN MILLER at IMMEDIATELY!

We could use some lindy and salsa volunteers for the event.

You can also visit to select available time slots!

Reno Dance Sensation
5098 Foothills Boulevard
Suite 3-349
Roseville, CA 95747
Phone: (916) 285-6557
Fax: (916) 848-3534

News from Reno: From Dez

I can't stress enough the importance of making your hotel reservations
quickly. Our room block is almost sold out, really! The entire hotel
is also almost sold out due to the other events there, including a gun show. That means we wont be able to expand our room block because
there are no more rooms.

It is a 2000 room hotel and they are expecting it to sell out.
Our ballroom is over 40,000 sq. ft and that is the smallest of 3 in the hotel, I believe we have the largest of any other convention. Anyway, we know people were upset because the hotel sold out last year, so we are giving you fair warning.

Now, why should you come...
West Coast Swing, Lindy and Salsa

Over 80 workshops from the top stars.
a 24hr. ballroom where you can dance till the next day.
Lot's of comps including a soon to be added Masters Strictly.
A show like no other and if you are a Christofunk fan, He does a
routine that he puts together for RDS only and cannot be seen anywhere
else. We have performers that can't be seen at any other convention
doing acts that can't be seen anywhere else.
24hr. restaurants, 3 to choose from so you can eat when you're hungry
including a coffee shop, so yea for me, Cafe Mocha at 3am.
A bowling tournament with music and dancing to raise money for the
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Lots of competitions.

Joby Martinez
Olivia Dasso & Hector Llamas
Luis Vazquez & Melissa Fernandez
Juan Gil
Orville Small
Ricardo Sanchez & Michelle Castro
Faith Ernest
John Narvaez & Liz Rojas
Mike Bello
Jesse Dickson & Autumn Bear
and more to come

Salsa in the Mix
Salsa Confunksion
PB&G Productions
and more to come

We had over 100 entries in the Novice Jack and
Jill last year. It made for a great comp to watch.
Reno! Black Jack, Slots, Poker and Drinks 24hrs woo hoo!

Get your tickets or room reservations at
Purchase additional show tickets at or the Reno
Hilton Box office.

See you there,

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