Lindy City

Cut out LA and NYC. Great if you have friends... breaking into the "scene" can be a little difficult. Add Dallas, Austin and Houstin to San Francisco (of course they are in Texas which automatically make sthem less desirable. ;))
Add Seattle, with Soloman Douglas, Chris Chapman its hard to find better teachers.

Also, you can go dancing everynight for a month without hittin' the same spot twice.

happy dancin'

Steve Pastor

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I always look for old threads to put things into. Maybe not Lindy City, exactly, but I wanted to put in a good word for Rusty's Rhythm Club.

I stopped by last Wednesday, and I haven't danced that much in a long time.
The women I danced with must have ranged in age from teens to 70s.

I always try to get to any intro lesson and took the beginner class rather than intermediate because the beginner group was many times larger than the intermediate group, and I was there meet people.
After the intro, Rusty told people that the lesson was always the same, but that there were classes for Lindy Hop, etc, that people could take.
Almost all of my dancing has been done in places that many of you would think of as "bars," and the usually not known to be welcoming milongas and practicas of Argentine Tango. So, when Rusty encouraged people to dance with as many different people as possible, I thought it was pretty cool.
She also asked people to turn off, and put away, any cell phones or electronic devices that they had. That was also pretty cool.

Once people started actually dancing, there were lots of different styles on display, but probably not much different than what I see with the Portland Lindy Society.

Rusty noted the unfamiliar face, and came over and chatted for a while. Probably not surprisingly, she said people go to the Lindy Hop lessons, and sometimes get interested in the other vintage dances like Balboa.
I complimented her on the way she was doing things. There was a very nice vibe in the room.

I can't remember the name of the band that was playing, and don't see it on the web site, but there were about 12 players. They played a good selection of tunes. And they were good!

Here's the current url for more information.

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