Lindy Tributes (nominations please)

Two giants who immediately come to mind who have continue to make
significant contributions on a large scale are TERRY MONAGHAN, Impresario
of the 'Jiving Lindy hoppers' a Lindy dance troop that travels around the
globe performing a Lindy musicals and who is Host of the Main annual Lindy
event in Great Britain and is our Leading Lindy historian.
And with equal stature is HILARY ALEXANDER, impresario who single handed
instituted, 'CAMP HOLLYWOOD' and has successfully produced four annual ,
Camp Hollywood events, with the 5th annual event coming up this July 31. The
lady is a multi talented entertainer who incredibly directs every one of the
dozens of events that take place. She inspired me to write a theme song that
describes this lady's 'Camp Hollywood that I am compelled to share at least
one line; "You can dance all day and trough the night with Hilary there to
set things right, she runs the show from early morn till late, late, late,
late, late moonlight'. And the lady dances like Ginger and sings Ella, and
incredibly is single.
Black Sheep

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