Linedancing in Australia.

How linedancing has changed over the years. We can do the Salsa, Waltz, Latin, rock n' roll and ofcourse the old bootscootin. Just love it.


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Classic Rock dances in Melbourne always have a line dance segment. Rock line dancing predates Bootscootin' and draws heavily from Swing moves.

If you are a Melbournian and do not already know the Classic Rock scene go to the links page on the VRRDA web site (see below) and check the Events Calendar on Vic Rock.

(I would have provided the web address but the Forum Rules require members to have 15 posts up before we can provide links to othere sites.)

As an experienced Bootscooter you will soon pick up dances like "In The Mood", "Jive Bomber Boogie", "Stray Cat Strut" and the other 20 or so dances we enjoy. It is a friendly supportive crowd. You will always find people to help you sort out the steps.

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. . . and, if you already didn't know, the World Championships that are held each year, usually in Nashville TN, there are many . . . MANY . . . competitors from Australia. They are all great linedancers too!!!

Welcome toetapping . . . the first of many posts, I hope???

And welcome to you, VRRDA.

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