Little Known Facts For Leaders

Vince A

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1. Good leads are better than bad leads
2. Light leads are lighter than heavier leads
3. Strong leads are stronger than weak leads


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- simple moves led well are preferable to more complicated moves led poorly;
- smiling & making occasional eye contact is preferable to not smiling and/or looking bored;
- choosing moves less challenging for the follower is preferable to selecting moves that are beyond the follower's ability to execute;

Vince A

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We could even start making up our own DF of "Dance Confucious" like this one I just made up . . .

Man who step back one in WCS, usually lead too!
If your follower isn't getting your lead, leading more forcefully is much more likely to cause her pain than to make your intent clear.
Great... sounds like we should add "in bed" to each aphorism.

Advice to leaders to me boils down to:
1) Stay on time.
2) Have fun.
3) Don't grope.

As for the art of leading...
Leading involves maximal suggestion with minimal force.

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