Little Known Facts For Leaders


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MapleLeaf Salsero said:
shopper-lisa said:
very true! And I got away with back leading during the lessons when were all doing set patterns of steps.
Backleading during lessons can sometimes be a good thing. If the pattern is long and complicated and the leader is lost, backleading can be helpful but only if the follower knows the pattern and if the leader doesn´t mind...

While social dancing, backleading is problably the worst thing a follower can do. I personally would prefer dancing with someone who has never danced in their lives than dancing with someone who backleads...
You backlead during the lesson and then the leader dances like crap on the dance floor. A fair warning to all!! Never backlead unless the ledaer knows that you are doing it and you are doing it to show the leader what it should be like. I do little things in the latin lessons I teach / help out to stop all anticipating / backleading from followers.
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