Live Green Smoothies


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I've used hemp seeds and avocado a lot - I consider them staples for substantial smoothies. Wouldn't use green tea as I find it too stimulating, and water serves me fine. Cold-pressed coconut oil, raw cacao butter, bee pollen...all good for sustained energy. I generally do not care for nuts and other seeds in my LGSs, though I have started making nut 'milkshakes" LGSs and enjoying them warm.

Check out my website for lots of recipe ideas, and for a refresher on proportions, so you don't end up with pond sludge. :)


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hmmm...the smoothies with greens were a little gritty though I didn't have to choose...hmm...for me the handstick is convenient as I blend in the container I drink from...hmmmm...maybe I should try the other way and see what difference it makes...
I had this problem when I made them, too, but I kind of liked the consistency. It seemed to satisfy my hunger more than regular juice that way.

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