Looking at cleavage

That went from rude to abusive - forcing her to finish the dance. Of course, hitting him may not have been the best first step :rolleyes: Nonetheless, I would definitely have reported him to the owners.

[Actually, I'm tall and pretty strong and if I had hit him I don't think he would have got up again till the end of the dance...]
She hit him more playfully than hard but underlying that, I know she felt humiliated because he was making a joke about starting at her cleavage throughout the entire song...the look on his face resembled this emoticon actually:raisebro: I think hitting him was warranted and I like the way she handled it though I wouldn't have continued the dance. This guy doesn't have to be reported to the owners because other people saw what happened and where I go out dancing, people know each other so the women likely tell each other about creeps they dance with. I know I do.

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