Looking for a Latin Dress


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I have red hair too! :)

Well, actually, mine's dyed, but I've been dyeing it red for almost seven years now, and I definitely have the complexion for it, so close enough...
I just assumed most redheads were dyed (barring kids). *LOL* Yes, I have the complexion, too. Nearly anything else looks pretty unnatural on me.


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Have you looked on artrhythms.com? There are great pre-owned dresses at good prices. I have a red one on there that would fit you.
Welcome to DF! :D May I please remind you that our mods keep an eye on our new users, in case they come here only to advertise/spam us. Please participate in our discussions. Cheers!

If you would consider renting, this business has a good rep. She will send you I believe up to 3 Latins to try at once. I have used them no problem. Good Luck! http://www.rhythmicrentals.com/
Thanks for the link - I think I'm not really interested in renting right now, though. I'm still just starting out, and no more than about half of the people I'm competing against have actual costumes. So for now, until I find a costume that I really like, I can get by with wearing a normal dress.

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