Looking for Latin Shirts and Dress

I am looking for a Latin shirt that is either white or some fairly interesting color. (Teal is preferred) I already have a black shirt I plan to stone so please don't post offers for a black shirt. I am about 5"10, waist size 29" and a bit long in torso.

My partner is about 5'6 in heels and she is looking for a Latin dress, but our coach wants her to wear something with a more vibrant color and a pouf skirt or something with more movement. No fringe or black. (Specified by our coach)

Here is a pic of us in real life:


No longer looking for Latin Shirts, but partner is still looking ofr either a Hoop style poof skirt or something with volume! I am currently looking for latin shoes that can fit a men's US 7. I wear 6-6.5 in Ray Rose. (Lost my shoes and its hard to find my size in my area.... T_T)
OK well now we are no longer looking for a dress, but still looking for latin shoes in UK size 6. Also possibly a 3" heel latin shoe for ladies UK 4. Ray Rose Preferred.

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