Looking for male partner in London (Intl. Latin)


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Hello, guys. I thought I'd post an ad here as well. Who knows... maybe it will work.
I'm 19 years old, I'm a university student and I'm looking for an Intl. Latin partner to train and compete in collegiate and/or amateur competitions. He needs to be dedicated, willing to practice, and take joint lessons with coaches. I'm a brunette, slim (130 lbs - 59 kg), 5'6" - 168 cm without heels (I wear 3" heels).
I have done both Latin and Ballroom in the past, emphasizing on Latin technique. During the past year I worked on open Intl. Latin routines and showcases with my coach. I like to work on my technique and constantly improve myself. If I had a partner who was more advanced than me I would be willing to take extra lessons with coaches to get to his level. I take classes in other dance styles (ballet, contemporary, etc.) so as to improve my technique. I have no previous competition experience, but I have done many showcases and have choreographed some beginner routines. I am dedicated and mad about dancing.

Please PM me or reply to this thread for any more information. If any of you London dancers know of a non DF friend who's looking for a partner, please let me know. :D


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