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I'm trying to locate some rather specific music for a future showcase, but haven't had much success yet.

I'ld like to find something with either a Medieval or Rennaissance feel to it. I've found three general classes of music that start to approach what I'm looking for, but none are quite right yet.

First there are the various "New Age" pieces -- Enya,Secret Garden, Lorenna McKennit. While each have several commonly used danceable songs, those tend to be among the more modern sounding of their catalog.

Then there is a whole slew of songs form the ladies of the Celtic Women recordings. Some of their songs, such as Orla Fallon's "Aliliu Na Gamhna", "Cad E Sin Don Te Sin", Siul A Run", and "Na Buachalilli Alainn", while not as old as the era's I'm targetting have something of the right feel and even tend to have something that could be used as a foxtrot or viennese waltz with a little imagination. Yet, while I find the music extremely beautiful, it doesn't have the texture/depth/drama that I'd like for a show case routine

Finally there are a lot of songs by the Mediaeval Baebes that is extremely close to what I want, but tends to be unsuitable in terms of tempo (and is normally well outside the range of decent sounding tempo corrections). Numerous 3/4 time pieces at 40 mpm or 80+mpm. The 40's can't be slowed down to a waltz or sped upto a vw without noticeable distorations creeping in. The superfast viennese's can almost work in 1/3 time as foxtrot's or tangos depending on the mood, but that's pushing it. The 4/4 songs tend to be more rumba feeling rather than smooth and often approaching mambo speeds -- though they have a wonderful earthy/pagan dance celebration feel. Some example songs that have the richness I'd like, but no ta useable tempo in my opinion (from Worldes Blysse) "Kinderly", "Ecce Mundi Gaudium", "Erthe Upon Erthe", "Pearl" or (from Mirabilis) "Star of the Sea", "Temptasyon","All for Love of One", "The Lament","Musit Venit Camine","Kilmeny","Tam Lin", and "Come My Sweet".

Any suggestions for my rather odd request?
I'm not thorougly familiar with their music, so not sure if they do the sort of thing you need, but you might look into the group Anonymous 4. Their most recent album is American spirituals/gospel songs but previously their focus was medieval music. Their singing is arrestingly beautiful and might, therefore, be dramatic enough for a showcase.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you both for the possibilities. On first hearing, I'm not hearing anything matching my vision, but it was enjoyable listening and I know I'll have to give them a second listening to see if I detect anything different.
I don't know if this will help any (I'm terrible at picking out beats in music), but try the soundtrack to The Merchant of Venice. I know there are some merry court type tracks (9, 10, & 16) but I not sure if you could VW to them.

Good Luck!

I tried you give you the amazon link to sample the tracks but I can't do that yet.

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