Looking for some candombes!


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I like tango negro by juan carlos caceres : (toca tango is a candombe, too, i think)

I think there are a few candombes on every single of his albums, so its worth checking all of them out.

I like la chicana for milongas and candombes, too - she has quite a few.

And of course melingo

Most modern tango orchestras should have their own versions of the classics, too.



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Do you really mean Candombes, or Candombeadas, by chance?
lol. It would be kinda fun to do an actual candombe when somebody asks for a candombe set - just to see what people would do.

Even the people that do folk dance in addition to tango seem to be much more into the rural folk dances - i know a lot of people who started as folk dancers and then moved into tango, but i don't think i know anybody who has actually studied argentine candombe.

Now I need a third danceable song that could go with the following two:
Hmm, that is difficult - tbh, i don't quite hear what theme you are going for - what shared idea between these two do you want to hear in the third?

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