Looking over my shoulder on open break

I want to do a sanity check on this technique, I'm not sure if it's good or is it dumb.

I thought that it would be neat to look over my right shoulder on open break before I lead a lady that way, 1.5 turn RSP, or shoulder catch (shoulder check, stop-n-go). For safety, but also to signal "you are going that way". Also, I *think* if I put some style into it, it might look good (or bad).

And that's my question.


Assuming that you are dancing on 1 with your left foot, I woukd imagine the best time to turn your head would be after 2. Hopefully you started to open your right side as you stepped onto to and you would naturally continue that opening up to include your head by the beat of 3 or little before.

Steve Pastor

Staff member
Turning your head will most likely turn your upper body that direction. I've found it to be a effective way to signal something I'm going to lead.
It also gives you a better view of what's over there, including someone who might be moving into that space.

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