Lopez to 'Dance' with Gere in Miramax Remake

From Reuters:
NEW YORK (Variety) - Jennifer Lopez is in a tango to team with Richard Gere in "Shall We Dance?," the Miramax Films remake of the top-grossing Japanese film.

Peter Chelsom ("Serendipity") is directing.

Lopez would play a dance teacher who takes on as a student a staid working man wishing to learn ballroom dancing -- primarily to impress her. As it turns out, the dancing helps the guy save his marriage
I'm not sure if this is ond news or not, but I thought this might be good for the ballroom dance World.

Phil Owl

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I guess in one sense it would, but I think the artist in me is a bit riled.

a) Regarding re-makes, my feeling about that is, "What's the matter, didn't they do it right the first time? What was wrong with the first one?

b) This Owl has suffered massive J-Lo burnout (can you say over-exposed)

But again, like you said, it may get some people to check out ballroom dancing


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Phil Owl said:
it may get some people to check out ballroom dancing
As you'd say, Phil Owl, hoooooooo knows? (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Personally I don't have very high hopes for this project...although I'd love to be proven wrong.

The most recent ballroom based movie was Dance With Me, but if you ask about (contemporary) dance movies what you hear about is either "that Japanese one" (Shall We Dance) or the grail of the genre Strictly Ballroom. Hollywood just doesn't seem to know how to do a ballroom movie.

I don't know if this is true, but I'd heard a rumor that Dance With Me was originally intended to be much more about the trials and tribulations of the competitive circuit but, at the last minute, some studio exec panicked, didn't think the lay populace would relate, and added in some of the extraneous plot lines. Again, I don't know if this is true, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

I do know of top couples who spent days filming and have a minute, at best, of screen time...which might or might not just have been part of the normal filming vs. final product cycle...even so, I'd pay a fortune (well, I would if I had one) to see some of the footage that got left on that cutting room floor.


With these big names, it should really bring a lot of new peple to dance studios.

Phil, I too am tired of J-Lo, but maybe I'll find a whole new appreciation if she proves herself as a ballroom dancer. She WAS pretty awesome on "In Living Color".

Maybe they can Jamie Foxx to play the co-worker. :lol:


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DanceMentor said:
With these big names, it should really bring a lot of new peple to dance studios.
I don't know...I don't think you guys are the only people feeling J-Lo'd out these days, and I'm not sure that Richard Gere is actually a big draw either... (despite whatever success Chicago has had). Here's hoping...

Any idea about a proposed time-line Pass It On?
I think the chances are good that they will make a good movie. Of course, I doubt it will be as good as Strictly Ballroom, but at least as good as Dance with Me. I don't know too much about the timeline.
we were discussing this topic in our daily 1pm meeting at work. this film along with the dirty dancing havana nights [both due next summer] are going to increase business a lot.

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