Lost a Post?

Hello! I think I may be losing my mind and I need a little help finding it...

A week or so ago Dance Forums was updated with the Photo Album and a few other graphical changes. I know there was a message regarding this change, which I posted several questions to, but now I can't find it. Anyone remember?

If not, here are the questions I remember:

1. There used to be a place at the bottom of the screen (I believe on each page) that listed who was currently on line. Where did this feature go? If I am simply being blind...please be kind. :oops:

2. Before the photo album, when I would log in to DF, my screen would change from the khaki/tan color to a really pretty mystic blue. After update it doesn't. Does this feature still exist? How do I access?


1. I really like the new logo in the upper left corner. Very nice!

2. The photo albums are GREAT!!!! and I'm about to post images of my kitty! :D



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Hiya dd... haven't had a chance to go looking for your missing thread yet, but here's some feedback:

Q #1: I still see who's on line just like I used to. Youd don't? What about anyone else?

Q #2: The alternate forum templates have been deactivated, at least temporarily, as they may have been contributing to some of the technical glitches.

C #1: Yay! I really like the new DF logo too! :D

C #2: Ditto regarding the DF Photo Album!
Thank you for restoring my sanity, SD!

~ I found the "whose on line" section again. I think I was just having a blind moment.

~ If the templates were causing problems, then it's better they are gone...

I must say, I almost lost this post too. It's been a while since I've checked messages...my computer and the boards were not getting along and life has been very busy...so when I went to find this post, I skipped right over it.

Anyway, thank you for your help! You are much appreciated!

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