Lower Back Stiffness

RhumbaWaltz said:
I've been experiencing stiffness in my lower back, especially the morning after dancing (which is almost every morning!). I don't think it's due to a specific injury - I think I need to work on stretching, flexibility and strengthening. I have a natural swayback which I'm always trying to fight.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm hoping this is not just part of being in my mid-thirties! :)
I also have a pronounced arch in my lumbar spine (swayback) and have back pain from time to time. The best recommendation I can give to you is to see a physical therapist if at all possible. Try to go to one that understands movement, and how that relates to your pain--rather than one who will give you a standard set of exercises to strengthen your lower back. Mine is amazing--he really helps me think about movement and how tight areas in some places causes me to overcompensate by using my back muscles. Tight hips and hamstrings can certainly contribute to lower back pain--hip openers in yoga can help immensely. I'd try www.videofitness.com for recommendations if you'd like to use a video in your home. A book that has helped me is Pain Free by Peter Egoscue. Many people have had great success with his exercises, especially the Supine Groin Stretch. Hope this helps and good luck!

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