Loyalty to teachers

I hang around in several dancing communities, but I find tango to be the closest/most personal, moreso than ballroom or salsa or swing. Perhaps it's the Argentinian influence that makes your teachers almost like family, a wonderful thing ... until you feel it's time to move on.

I'm perfectly happy with my crowd, but am thinking of expanding my tango horizons just for the hell of it and I know it won't be taken well to "defect" and learn from one of the three other tango camps in my neck of the woods.

Nobody will say anything, but having seen the reaction when other people have started taking lessons from another camp in addition to current ones or jumped the fence entirely, I'm not looking forward to my teachers finding out, only for fear of hurting them.

At the end of the day, I'm a free agent and will take lessons from whomever I choose, but is the tango community, or any other dancing community you are in, similarly inclined?

Have you had any pleasant/nasty experiences when jumping camps within a field. I know from first-hand experience, ballroom can be simlar and certainly ballet.
Teachers who are "hurt" by students moving on are not acting professionally, full stop. Most likely they are not feeling anything emotional at all - they are just trying to manipulate you to preserve their income.

True professionals are focused on what's best for the student, and they will not just encourage you to take lessons from many teachers, they will tell you who those other teachers are, and what they offer that your current teacher doesn't.

Debbie Ramsey, probably my favorite swing dance teacher in the world, has always been very open about such matters, even suggesting that her students take lessons from other local instructors who had personal issues with her, and would never tell their students about the existence of other options.


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In my community it's OK tho have different teachers at the same time, or to move from one teacher to another. They often replace each other (say when couple X has a class on monday, and the tanguera is ill, then they will ask tanguera from some couple Y, who has no class on monday, to come).

Only, our argentine-born teachers are given to thinking that local teachers can't be as good as themselves, that basically they just don't get it.

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