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Hello everyone,

Apparently this is the only section you can advertise on, if im wrong ill delete this post with apoligies.

Im a self employed, professional dressmaker in North Wales.

I have 15 years experience in dressmaking, and have previously worked for Chrisanne in London. I was involved in making the dresses for the first show of Strictly Come Dancing.

I have a wealth of experience in Ballroom / Latin Dresses and also have an excellent supplier of fabrics. So if you need a Latin / Ballroom dress 'Made to measure' please contact me.

Im not able to post the whole link for my website on here, but if you search under donnaldesigns on google it will come up. (my contact details are on there) I also do Evening Wear, and have more examples I can email.

Call me for more details.

Thanks for reading



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Welcome to DF! :D This is the right place to post your advertisement. However, our policy in this forum is to allow only active members to advertise, so as to avoid spammers who only become members to advertise their services. Participating in our discussions will give you the right to keep your advertising threads here. Otherwise, they will be deleted. I'm sure you understand. :D
Since you're a professional dressmaker, you must have much to offer to our ongoing discussions on dressmaking, gowns, stoning dresses etc. I hope we see you around. Your opinions will be of great value to us.
Thank you for joining our comunity,


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Yes I fully understand, I will keep checking out the forums (I did have a look last night but the posts were more dance related than costume)

In the meantime, if anyone wants to open a forum re. advice needed on the dancewear side of things I will do my best to answer them. I can suggest on the design aspect of the dresses, and can give advice re. overcoming issues with problem dresses.

I dont consider myself a leading expert by any means, please dont think that, im just someone who has a lot of experience with Ballroom / Latin Dresses




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Well, you'll find most of the dancewear-related threads in the Ballroom forum, so be sure you check that out.


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In the meantime, if anyone wants to open a forum re. advice needed on the dancewear side of things I will do my best to answer them. I can suggest on the design aspect of the dresses, and can give advice re. overcoming issues with problem dresses.
Welcome to DF Donna! And thank you so much for the offer of advice on dancewear, we do have many threads that ask advice on fact I started one that I never really got a satisfactory answer on, perhaps you can help? Was wondering what type of backing pro companies like "Designs to Shine" put on thier appliques. It seems to be some rubbery material.

Also, checked out your website but didn't see any pics of ballroom or latin dresses?
Welcome. We have a ton of posts about costumes in every category it seems. I've put some under the general discussion even. So, please feel free to answer any of those that we have out like what the other posters have said. I'm sure that your advice will come in very handy!
Re. Backing

I hope i've read your question right, but here goes..

I use (like the companies) Coppernet / Fleshnet as a two layer base, and then put a third layer of stretch satin, crepe or lycra on top. (your choice) You then stitch your applique design. You then cut away the top layer leaving the coppernet which gives that sheer skin look. (or you can decorate with glue on stones) to sparkle.

Im awaiting new swatches, there might be a rubber effect material im not aware of yet, but ill let you know.

I hope ive answered your question, if ive misread it, please post me back.

Re. the website, ive only just had it done, and im about to update it with more dresses, including evening wear and a Miss Earth Dress ive just finished (I will have photos to email next week) I have a normal 'book' portfolio in my studio which has examples of my Dancewear. My website concentrates more on Weddings as thats where I get most of my customers as you can imagine.




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Hi Donna, thanks for your description on the appliques! It helps, it's a much more detailed answer on appliques then I have gotten elsewhere. Thank you again!

The rubbery backing seems to be used mostly for appliques that are going to be sitting rather freeform on the skin or on solid material (i.e. I've seen it used for stand alone neck pieces in latin and pieces that will extend from skin to material with no support from netting). The rubber backing helps the applique stay in place, makes it a bit stiffer, and is more comfortable (I would think) against the skin. I was guessing that perhaps it's some type of liquid latex.

If this sounds familiar, let me know...great to have you here at DF!

And, best of luck to you with your new business!
Given your background maybe you could answer something I've been wondering about: If you look at the bodice of a Chrisanne or similar gown, there are often a lot of very narrow, precise tucks - darts really - used to perfect the fit and shaping. How is that stitching done, in a way that retains enough give that it matches the fabric, and doesn't concentrate stress leading to tears? It doesn't seem to be a zigzag, so what kind of stitch form, tensions, thread selection, etc makes this work? I've had good results doing general assembly of stretch fabrics with a serger, but that's not the right tool for these smaller details.


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yes, welcome DL...and LG, I would recommend that at some point we start or revitalize the thread you began on this this discussion will be missed by many if it progresses in this location and I think it is a valuable one
Hello, thanks for the question, I will try my best to answer it.

If you saw strictly come dancing on Sat 4th Nov in the UK, you would have seen Emma Buntons Purple dress..

This was gathered from the bust to the neck and stitched in different areas to give that pintuck effect. To gather, its two rows of loose straight stitches.

Most dresses, depending on design are panelled which give a tighter fit. I always use zig zag stitches on all seems.

Hope this is what you needed.

Out of interest, is anyone from the UK? im due to update my site soon, with a latin dress ive recently done, and a dress I have also done for the forthcoming Miss Earth Competition. (I hope this will be of more relevance than seeing wedding dresses ive designed and made)

All the best

Sorry ive just re read the bit above about the need to redirect this thread elsewhere, so other people dont miss it.

Im not sure of where to put this thread, can anyone assist (and let me know where it moves to)



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