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Re: credentials please!

Black Sheep said:
Magic Pill Addicts,
Just follow my instructions in sequence. I am supplying you with progressive steps in the Magic Pill method to become fully qualified Savoy Lindy Hop Instructors with the authentic Savoy Techniques that the Master Lindy Hop dancers developed in the 1920's and 1930's, and who have never been equaled in performing this Original American Cultural Heritage.
How many of the original Savoy Ballroom dancers have you met? How many have you studied under? How many of WLH have you met, studied under or worked with? I'm still curious why you insist that the six count East Coast Swing you teach in your pill bears no resembalance to what any of the film clips, be it from movies or newsreels show. I'm also curious why it bears no resembalance to what the surviving members of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers teach or dance socially.

The proof is in the pudding, and I know from my experience in using this Magic Pill, Teaching Method for the past several months, teaching students two and three times a week, that you are successful in the application of this 'Simplified Swing' teaching method.
Months? Several months. This is what prompted to start this up again. There have been people with years of teaching experience who have studied direcly under Frankie Manning who have disagreed with the material you present under the guise of "Authentic Savoy Style Lindy Hop". I'd highly recommend sticking with the name "Lanza Six Count Lindy", that way there is no confusion between your Southern CA 50's style Lindy and the Savoy Lindy Hop as danced and taught by Savoy Dancers from the 30's.

I caution you to avoid the confusing criticisms by those who have never taken the 15 minutes to test this unique 'Lanza Six Count Lindy, teaching method.
The criticisms aren't confusing Joe. They are straightforward, generally easily understood, and the posters have provided names of original Savoy dancers, documentries and movies where Savoy Lindy Hop of the 30's and 40's can be viewed and intelligent contrast and comparison has been made between what is seen in that footage and what is taught by those surviving dancers, to what you are claiming as being "authentic".

For the record I tried three times last night to teach using your method... and produced four people who were capable of doing basic East Coast in 15 minutes... but the results were not superior in any way to the various other methods I have seen and used... and if truth be known I think it required to much thinking on the part of the dancers. The method teaches dancing from the head instead of from the body.

If inexperienced teachers are looking for a way to quickly introduce someone to East Coast Swing, I'd certainly point them at your posted method, along with several other online lesson plans, it works as do the others. Perhaps the rest of the info you are planning on posting might change my mind... but as is the Pill has holes and what I consider undesirable side effects so I couldn't suggest it over any of the other methods I've seen of teaching East Coast Swing. It does work though. Then again that was never really disputed by anyone... just the relvancy and claims associated with it.
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