Maja Serve'

Does anyone know where lessons might be available with Maja? I heard she does come to NYC on occasion. I do know she was trained by Benny Tolmeyer and does all of her teaching in the body style.


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I saw her named listed on the board of visiting coaches at Ballroom Off Fifth. I didn't notice the dates though.
Maja Serve'

Has anyone heard when Maja Serve' is coming to Ballroom Off Fifth in NYC?
I have seen her name on the board, and wondered when her next visit might be.
Maja Serve' will be teaching at Ballroom Off Fifth in New York City
March 16, 17 & 18.
Studio address is 37 West 37 St (between 5 and 6 ave.)
Studio phone number is (212) 532-6232
Maja Serve'

Maja Serve' will be teaching at Ballroom Off Fifth, 37 West 37 St. New York City April 27, 28 and 29.
Call (212) 532-6232 for availability.

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