Major Power Outage in New York

Looks like most of New Tork State including New York City is without power with thousands trapped in Subways and elevators. Also reports of problems in Cleveland, Detroit and Toronto.

And in other breaking news, a great chorus of laughter could be heard clear across the country, apparently originating from California.
I mean MASSIVE and I mean NORTH EAST... as in a great big hunk of it.
Cities affected include New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. The power outage occurred shortly after 4 p.m EST.

State officials said the Niagara-Mohawk power grid was overloaded. The grid provides power for New York and stretches into Canada. The officials said the outage is a natural occurrence and not related to terrorism.

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Screw 'em! Make fun of California and our power outages a couple years ago will you?! Fine we'll share! :twisted:

Okay seriousely, I feel for the entire NE. Poweroutages of this magnitude are serious, hospitals can only operate so long on generators... with such an extensive outage, who knows how long it will take for power to return. Traffic accidents and fires are going to be happening out of proportion and the communication systems will fail. I wish them all my best getting through this trial.
It's even been top news in Denmark, with extra news on TV. :shock:

Fortunately it wasn’t terror, but a bad-engineered electricity system doing a cascade fault. Guess there some red ears around. :wink:

Well, it looks like a time to get to know your neighbours, and get the candles lit. 8)
Maybe we will even see at birth boom in 9 months. :eek: :eek:

Be careful out there
Bummer...I'm in AZ and the largest nuclear power plant in the country is just a little over 60 miles from my house so I'm not anticipating a power outage any time soon hehe :p

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