"Manolito y Su Trabuco" - a live performance in Israel

"Manolito y Su Trabuco" - Live!

Hi all,
Manolito y Su Trabuco gave a performance in Israel three days ago. It was so exciting since we hardly ever get to see live performances in Israel. Although the salsa dancers scene in Israel is quite developed - live bands is another, sad, story.
Their performance was superb and I enjoyed every minute of it. These guys know how to have fun! I sure hope that other bands will follow.
I gave my account of the performance (accompanied by two videos from that night) in my blog. You can read about it here: http://blog.aspotinside.com/2006/07/07/manolito-y-su-trabuco-live/
They where also here in Gothenburg Sweden this spring. :banana:
Wonderful to see - not only to listen ....you have to watch them also.

Great clips!


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