mat work for learning tango


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I think that is indeed exactly what the people in the video are missing. First you determine what needs to be taught and then you wonder how...
I approve any mean to keep students interested which keep them in any kind of progress.
I completely against stalling the students.

Those mats seems as a fun beginning to tango. ;)

Dancing should be something we energize with. :cool:


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[Those mats seems as a fun beginning to tango.]

And think about the possibilities! Just another set of mats and you'll be dancing the French cancan like a pro!

Not to mention the fact that you no longer need more than one track to dance on, since all you need is the basic beat.

Heck, I'm sure you can even reuse that tango track for the French cancan.


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I had one of those mats when I started dancing.
It started off ok, but I quickly realised that the teachers who gave me the mat weren't interested in tango, merely pocketing my money. With my natural ability and previous experience as a pole dancer, it was pretty obvious that I could draw my own mats-a great improvement on my teacher's sorry efforts.
No more stage tango for me! Showy crap like ochos, and walking, Pah! I listened carefully to 1960s Pugliese and Hugo Diaz on a daily basis for three weeks until I mastered the interpretation of the full cannon of Tango. I then set about crafting individual mats for each record. It works pretty well I have to say, I am pretty incredible when I get on the the dance floor. The main issue i have is with the leaders. They don't seem to like my mats at all. A few say they get in the way and are a tripping hazard but I think the real problem is that I have excluded the option for them to embellish. These guys and their tacky flourishes! I saw one of the doing a SALIDA :eek:
It's a good job that I've taken the other women aside to give them tips and pointers. Our teacher is just rubbish so their only option to improve is to borrow my home made mats. It's ok though, I just feel good that I'm upping the level of dance in my community! Hopefully eventually us girls will get the leaders back on track.
If any of you guys would like one of my mats I am happy to pass them on. Just let me know.


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As a special favour to you I'll throw in Santa Maria by Gotan project and Adios Muchachos. Keep an eye on your letterbox.

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