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Hi everyone!
I'm 19 and have been training in classical ballet since I was 7. I started ballroom dancing a little over a year ago at Bates and am competing at a silver level. I kinda got hooked and am the current president of our ballroom team. I particularly enjoy VW, quickstep, jive, and cha cha.
Nice to meet everyone!

It's nice to meet you!! :)
Hi everyone. How did I miss this thread? :eek:
I'm 36 y.o. and I am from Almada, Portugal. Found your forum about a year ago...nice and clean threads, good info, good vibes, seem the right place to be, even being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean *grins*
I've started ballroom dancing at 25. Had a "forced pause" of 6 years and returned last year (yes, returned AFTER finding your forum), doing 10 dances. Like Latin but prefer Ballroom. (for the record, my English is better than my dance :D:D:D)


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I have to admit: it is the truth! Too bad, I know...but better to assume it! :D
Indeed found you a year ago...but wasn't a "frequent flyer" around here. :)
Well a warm welcome still. Looking forward to your contributions via questions and answers to others. :)
Hello All, DF community, My name is Derek, I live in Sydney Australia and am a promoter and run my own dance school. Thought I'd come here and introduce myself and see what i can contribute to discussions with my background.

Looking forward to having many passionate discussions. Peace.
Hello everybody, just realized that there is this introduction thread so sorry, sorry, sorry if I have been rude not to introduce myself before and just started posting...

I'm 30 years old and do competitive ballroom (both standard and latin) in Germany. Although I started out with the "normal" competitions I'm currently mostly competing within the ESSDA (European same sex dancing association) with a very good friend of mine who was looking for a new same sex partner a while back. Will probably try and find a new "dance guy" sometime this year though (especially for latin as we mostly do standard).
Dancing is pretty much my passion and I've been doing it on and off since I was 16 (the obligatory dance school experience ;) ).

A last thing: you guys have the most amazing community I've ever seen! Usually I'm not much of a FB (no account) and forum type, but you've got me hooked ;) Hope to be able to contribute to DF in the future!
Hi, everyone i'm form Montevallo Alabama. I took ballroom dance lessons in high school for about 3 years, worked 2 years and now i'm in college and i'm taking lessons again.

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