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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and thought I would say hi.
I am doing my pre-bronze latin examinations on the 17th of May... and am super nervous! So please hold thumbs!


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After all the time I've spent here on DF (almost exclusively in the Tango Argentino forums), I came to realize that I've never been on this page to say hello...

So, a little bit late but...

HI! I'm Ampster :rolleyes:

From the great green and rainy city of Seattle, state of Washington (WA), USA


...and now to go back into the Argentine Tango World (aka "The dark side")
Hi everyone!

Morning All!

I just found this website today and I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Elizabeth ,I 'm 38 y/o mother of 1 son who is 10 y/o.

Taking Jazz and Tap classes are very relaxing.

I currently live in Supply,NC but I moved here from Long Island,New York in 2001.

If you want to know anything about me just ask me.

PS: My son just loves to dance,too.
somebody new :)

hello, everybody.

my name is maria, originally from croatia, 23 years old. now i work as a dance teacher in fred astaire dance studio in coral springs,florida.

i started to dance when i was 9 y/o, and with my ex-partner i danced together for 12 years.

we won many international and croatian competition in international ballroom and latin.

dancing is my life, and when i hear the music a just can't stay still. :D

i have a lots of experience in doing make up for a competition and in designing and making dresses, so if anybody need some advice or help - just ask.

and if you have more question - i'm here to answer. :p

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