Men - do you shave your pits ?

Shave, trim or No way

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Well-Known Member Eeew. And comparing to burying my face in a baby's neck is hardly an enticement, lol. A baby?...Close enough for me to get my face near it?...Double Eeew...please excuse me while I go shower now. Ick.
that's so funny... yes, i'm recalling the "babies smell gross" thread. we do not have to repeat that discussion... opinions were very clear at the time, :)
we'll have another - if that is I ever get to the 7.5K without another stock buy-back or whatever happened. Tis a mystery, and a bit worrying we never really figured it out.

I wonder if any of the men with shaved armpits lost posts? (getting back on thread here...)
I think MBB stole it. (false)

Actually, its one of the Big Mysteries. I think you were out of forum for while n'est pas? Did you miss the big post-count decline? Several of us here lost posts, mine (and some others but I do not if it was everyone) went down by 1K exactly (we have a thread on this). This was very irritating to those who are watching their count status - the reason I noticed was because I was just about to reach 7.5K - the 'crowned royal'. So, when I reached 6.5K I celebrated with the 7.5K(not) party.

You may want to drop in - even though everyone seems to have either fallen asleep or left.... it was quite a riot while it lasted :)
Originally Posted by elisedance

A long way without you, as it turns out <huff!>. Where you been when we were waiting for you to pop out of the cake?

[cf the 7.5K (not) party] have totally nailed his calling in life...totally
rotfl! :lol: Please, don't encourage him! He is encourageable enough by himself! :lol:

[Are there any more front row seats left at this party? :lol:]
it got rather graphic... very strong reactions... candid discussion overall, including female shave preferences. the topic of "threading" was introduced with some curiosity among members, as well as "hawal" (waxing substance made of sugar), which larinda purported to cook up and try, lol.
Hey, I've tried 'halawa' I guess. They sell it in Greece anyway (billed as xalaoua). It's really bad, super-sticky and you can never get the stuff off you. Seems to stick much better to skin than to hair as I had to go over all the territory with a razor when I was done anyway, plus my legs stuck to the insides of my jeans for a week afterward despite multiple extremely hot showers. Not Recommended.

Maybe the home-cooked stuff is better, dunno. I bought it premade and heated it at home.

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