Merengue songs... FAST... Someone has one??

Hi there! First of all I'm new to this forum so hello to everyone there!

Second, does somebody here have/know any merengue song that's really fast?? Last time I went dancing, the Dj put one and told me what was the name but forgot it... So if ya can help, you're welcome! :D Thanks!!
Grupo Mania (New CD-Hombres De Honor)
1. Te Lo Presento,
2. Sacala, Bailala, Y Pegala
3. La Mania Que Yo Te Pego
Actually, you can't go wrong with the whole CD. Nice one.

Fulanito- El Cepillo
Limi-T 21- Ahora Es


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Welcome Soñador. We are happy to have you onboard!! :D To give a little background, just because it popped up in my mind,...I believe that Grupo Mania is a really popular group in the merengue genre. Incidently, Elvis Crespo, of Suavamente fame, used to belong to the group.
Really fast merengue!

Oro Solido - Chicharron
Oro Solido - Viva el Merengue
Grupo Mania - A mi Me gusta
Rikarena - Rikiki
Soca Boys - Sigue al Lider (cheesy song though)

Jeni :)

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