Michael Jackson Songs for ballroom?


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There's something up with MJ and the music we use. First "Whatever Happens" as a Rumba (great song). Then I see the Slavik/Elena Rumba choreography on "She's out of my life". Then I see the DWTS chacha on "Billy Jean", which I adored - so much energy! I never thought Michael Jackson has so much music that it suitable for dancing! :shock: :D
Does anyone have any other songs of his in mind that could work for Chachas or Rumbas or anything else? (I bet we could find a lot of hustles...)

I can think of:

Michael Jackson - Liberian girl (Rumba)
Jackson 5 - I want you back (ChaCha)

Many of his songs can probably be danced chacha,
such as "Black or white" (with a little imagination).


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Most of his songs are great West Coast Swing songs because there are so many syncopations and little "hits" in his music. Them being WCS songs also means they could be good rumbas or chachas, depending on speed. I remember Gary and Diana McDonald doing an OSB showcase to Dirty Diana/Black or White (I think) mix. There are also several VWs on his last album Invincible and one on his HIStory album.

It's not really surprising that he has a bunch of songs that make for excellent dance music (even ballroom!) because he's almost as much a dancer as he is a singer and songwriter so his music has a lot of danceable rhythm to it...


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One of the couples at our dance studio used Michael Jackson song for their tango show case a few years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember the title of the song.
I remember Gary and Diana McDonald doing an OSB showcase to Dirty Diana/Black or White (I think) mix.
It was Pretty Young Thing (PYT) with some Dirty Diana mixed in at the end.

I believe comedians have used pretty young thing in their skits when they impersonate Michael Jackson, for some reason... ;-)


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I felt the exact same way when I read that. You and I can keep each other company in the nursing home. ;)
Guys, guys. When I first started listening to music, it was all about Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. :lol: I had heard of the name but I had never listened to any MJ songs till very recently. Let us all keep in mind that I was a foolish teen till only recently. (Now I'm older, and still foolish. :rolleyes:)
So I was making no comments on anyone's age but my own.


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