Michael Jackson Thriller Dance :)

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You're best bet is to simply watch the video or others doing the choreography and attempting to pick it up. Definately check out 13 going on 30...the choreography is pretty easy to follow from there.

All the best!
Heya everyone,
i learn the thriller dance a couple of weeks ago, and i don't know if this is the best method but it worked for me. What i did is downloaded the dance of the net (limewire) and played it frame by frame. I got somebody else (my unwitting sister :lol: ) to keep changing the frame so i could try copy MJ. It took quite a while, but i'm quite slow to learn these kinds of things :(

Worked pretty well for me,
Gud luck with it and tell us how it goes givemeadollar725
the moonwalk is one of the moves i can watch but not copy, and i have done some mj moves for a dance show before. Anyone know any secrets? (I have looked at the forum for this last time I was on!)

Okay, now i'm warning you i'm no expert lol but i'll try my best:

First, take a normal step forward and look where your feet are. Now keep them in that position, and remember the distance between them. Lets say your back foot is your left foot. Shift all your body weight onto the ball of your left foot, and glide your right foot backwards untill your feet are the usual distance apart. As you move your right foot backwards you should notice that you automatically raise your heel of the floor. By the time that you've got your right foot back it should be more or less on its toes. Then all you've got 2 do is do the same with your left foot.
Keep us posted on how it goes, n Happy Glidin' !!! :D
If you go to http://video.google.com and search the playable movies, you may be able to find some clips from the Thriller video. I found one, but couldn't look at it becase I was on a Mac at the time, but Google video plays fine on PC once you install the Google Video player. Otherwise, you should be able to order the Thriller DVD on-line, or possibly rent it from a video store.
The iTunes video store just opened, and you can now buy the Michael Jackson Thriller video for $1.99, among other MJ videos.

I haven't bought any video yet, and I don't have a new iPod that supports video, but you should be able to play the video on your computer through iTunes, and from there you should have some kind of burn to cd/DVD option (I hope).

I'll let you know as soon as I try...
hello everyone!

Hey guys,

My name's Grace and it's my first time here at the dance forum. I totally love dance... i can't live without it. I would choose dancing over oxygen! I wouldn't consider myself a pro dancer or even an amateur, coz i'm not very flexible yet and can't even do the splits.. but i'm trying real hard and was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips on how to make my dancing a little bit more... i don't know... better? more professional?

thanks heaps

One can learn thriller dance from the tips available online. however, searching for Youtube clips to learn the steps is a better idea. the dance involves numerous steps, and you must be patience and attentive to learn the dance form. if you can follow the dancing style of any dance icon, it will be easier to learn the thriller dance.
I found an excellent site that breaks down and teaches the entire Thriller dance, move by move.


The idea is to set a Guinness world record for the largest number of people doing the Thriller dance at the same time. They actually have done this for a couple of years running, but of course now, they're promoting it as a tribute.

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