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This looks kind of interesting. I think it allows you to put dancers on your desk top:
Here are some of the descriptions:
More Dancers
Now you can meet Amanda and all the other amazingly lifelike, three-dimensional dancers available for Plus! Dancer. On this page you can read their bios, find out their dance styles, and download your favorite dancers in small, medium, or large sizes.

It's easy to download the dancers by using the Plus! Dancer Download Utility, and they are available automatically the next time you start Plus! Dancer. To choose a different dancer for your desktop, simply right-click the current dancer, click Select Dancer, and then click the new dancer you want to see.

Evan & Michele

Evan and Michele are passionate about Argentine tango. They have been dancing, teaching, and performing together for six years, and in that time have developed a reputation for excellence in all three fields. They are obsessive about tango dancing and travel frequently to Argentina and other tango communities throughout the world.
Michele has been dancing all her life and teaching partner dancing for over 12 years. She now teaches dance full-time, specializing in Argentine tango, salsa, and West Coast swing. She is also a prolific producer of tango performances.

Evan is a physicist, inventor, and software entrepreneur. He draws heavily on his scientific background to lend a unique analytical perspective to all his classes, emphasizing the fundamental physical principles underlying the dance. Together, Evan and Michele continue to strive to express the endless beauty, sensuality, strength, and passion of the tango.

Jen & Dave

Jen ("Hep Jen") is a professional swing-dance performer, instructor, and choreographer. Jen has been a full-time dancer for six years, specializing in 1930s-40s historical jazz dances. Her primary focus is the lindy hop, which she has performed nationwide in numerous professional groups and has taught to thousands of people at local dance studios and clubs. Her inspiration is the swing-era Whitey's Lindy Hoppers from Harlem's Savoy Ballroom.
Dave is a data architect who got hooked on dancing after he took a ballet class at Carleton College. Since then, he has studied modern and jazz dance, and practices swing, jazz, tap, and physical theater. His influences include Fred Astaire, Ray Bolger, and Buster Keaton.

Over the years, Dave has taught thousands of people to dance and has performed at clubs, festivals, and theaters throughout the Northwest. He is most proud of producing a popular weekly show that mixes dance instruction, live music, and dance performances.

Nickole & Marcelo

Nickole ("Coco") is a 24-year old dancer who started performing in talent shows when she was a small girl. A few years ago, she took ballroom dance lessons and then discovered salsa dancing. In 2000, she joined a salsa dance group, and has been traveling and performing with them ever since. They have made appearances in several major cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.
Marcelo grew up as a hip-hop street dancer with no real formal training. In 2000, he was discovered by a choreographer for a salsa dancing company while he was dancing at a local club. He now performs at dance competitions and showcases around the world. This 26-year-old dancer works as an associate vice president of leasing/development for a property management and development company.
To download these dancers, I believe you need Windows XP. Here is a link to the site. If anyone gets it working, please add the details here.
Click Here ==> Microsoft Plus! Dancers


Here is an interesting article about the auditions Microsoft held in Redmond for these dancers. I might add the word on the street is Microsoft will be auditioning more dancers soon.
Link to Story ==> Microsoft is getting Dance Fever
I can't tell you how I know they are auditioning more dancers because it came from a private source. If I told you I'd have to...well...I can't tell you.


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This does look interesting. It looks like you need the MS Plus! software. Has anybody tried this yet? I'd love to have some dancers on my desktop. It's a shame they don't have any balroom people, though. :cry:
Hey... I used to have the dancers on my machine... I had to take them off... Too much distraction, every time music went on, they came out dancing... I had the Salsa Couple and the techno girl...

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