Milonga Performance

The first one is danced to a very popular candombe, great tune. I also feel that this kind of music has a similar feel to salsa etc.

The guy dancing is something of a king of milonga con traspie in Buenos Aires. I did a class with him once, it was funny. I barely knew any milonga but ended up dancing with him quite a lot during the class. He was very serious about teaching us and it was a great experience.


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I'm going to have to do some research on candombe. I don't know much about it. I believe it's got ties to African music and rhythms. Aside from that, though, I don't know anything.

I've never heard of a "candombe" dance, the way I know of milonga and vals. Or even have heard of cayengue.
Candombe and Canyengue are a sort of early milonga. They are some of the ancestors of AT: you can't see them as separate from AT since they are part of it. :)
I'd like to know more about candombe too and the difference between candombe and milonga. How do you tell that it's a candombe and not a milonga playing? I don't know much about music - I can sometimes hear that something is a candombe, but I'm not sure why. And are they both danced as a milonga or do people actually dance candombe too (like you can dance canyengue)?

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