Milton Cobo & Masha - J&J @ 2007 SF Congress

Awesome! Who is "Masha"? I love her style. What's so great about both of them is that they have such an "easy" style, but yet are clearly both technically great as well. In other words, they don't come off as "showy", which many technically great dancers sometimes do.

I'm gonna have to save that vid to my Faves.



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She's a dancer in San Francisco. I think she's retired from performing but she used to be in the Latin Symbolics, the team run by Ava Apple and that Dave Paris has performed with a few times. Also one of my favorite dancers whom I'm long overdue to dance with again. Just have to get myself out to SF one of these days. :D
At the pre-congress party in cocomo, I saw her dancing. I had no idea who she was or that she is an ex-performer etc. She caught my eye and I could tell that she was a gifted dancer - a vague suspicion in my mind whether she was also a WCS dancer. I was too intimidated to ask her to dance - because she seemed to thrive on solo-ing it and I just didn't think that I could keep up with her :)


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Not the case at all! She's very friendly and totally approachable. The next time you see her, ask her to dance. You won't regret it. :D

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