Mirko & Alessia's last Tango (at the World's Most Important Competition 2009)


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great vid -- thanks for sharing, dapenda. i really enjoyed their dancing...it's so exciting and nuanced.

as for the end...that was quite a kiss at the close of the vid. don't think i've ever seen a kiss quite like that on the comp floor.


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Okay, well... I don't know any of couples' names, so...

I really liked the dynamic of couple 122. Can somebody tell me their names?

Not to hijjack this thread, but.... wow. A lot of the dancing in this clip just seems to scream why I just don't like the way international tango is being danced! I don't understand the need to move the head as though you are dodging punches.
Hazel and Jonathan are awesome. so polished and they looked like they were having fun instead of the stern faces you often see.

I sincerely hope that it means tango is changing to a more "soft" look.


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Jonathan Wilkins and Hazel Newberry
Thank you so much! :)

visibly demonstrating nuance...connection...speed-->stillness...musicality
Yes... Jonathan & Hazel really stood out to me because their dancing was the definition of the points you just made... I think their dancing was really very nice. :) None of this excessive head weaving that, in my opinion, is distracting and ridiculous.

Three cheers for good, clean dancing!


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funny how our eyes see different things...they are my least favorites of the wonderful bunch.

i happen to really enjoy and appreciate the head movements...doesn't seem ridiculous to me at all. it says to me: power, balance, flexibility and sensitivity. nuthin' ridiculous 'bout that. :D


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Does look softer, now that you mention it. Allessia has such a glamorous look and rarely smiles, but for her it works. Sad I never saw them in person before they retired.


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absolutely great tango, thanks for posting! I actually saw it in person - that's 2009 blackpool, very amazing!

I saw this in person too!!! managed to sneak in the second row :D was sitting right behind John Wood and Snieguole and a few chairs away from Victor Kanevsky lol... it was sooo cool!!! (the dancing, not the seating... though that was cool too)


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Like the spontaneous kiss too... It seemed to me to be a 'thank you' kiss. :)

And I will agree with those who say.. this demonstrated what I don't like about standard tango or standard anything. :)

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