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I ordered a new garage door opener for the SUV. It came with a metal clip that you use to attach it to your sun visor. The little clip was wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap. I set it aside while I put a battery in the remote and programmed the opener. When I went back to my workbench to get it, it wasn't there. That was two weeks ago and I haven't found it yet. I even went through the trash. :rolleyes:

What have you misplaced recently that you can't find?


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At the moment, the most serious thing I cannot find is an insurance card for a health insurance policy that was only in effect for November and December (don't ask). The insurance company isn't operating in my state as of 1/1/2018 so it's almost impossible to get anybody on the phone. (None of my usual methods of getting a live person work.) Moreover, I was never able to access the account online for reasons I won't go into. There is one thing that I need the card for from last year and I didn't manage to take care of it before leaving for vacation which included 1/1/18. I did't actually use the policy for anything else (the deductible didn't make it worth it), so I can't get the number off of paperwork. I had the envelope with the card in it in my hand at one point and now cannot find it for the life of me. Dealing with their phone system is so incredibly difficult, however, that I will look everyplace AGAIN before I give up and try calling them.o_O

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