MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competition

This April, the MIT Ballroom Dance Team (MITBDT), acknowledged by many to be
one of the finest collegiate competitive teams in the country, will be holding
the annual MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competition. This year’s two-day
competition will be held from 9 AM – 9 PM on April 5-6, 2003 at the DuPont
Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA. The official MIT competition web site can
be found at:

The competition weekend is action-packed, with competitive events in all dance
levels from the novice to the top nationally ranked amateur couples. The
competition's 20+ events span both the International and American styles,
attracting large numbers of competitors—about 500 last year—and making MIT
Open one of the biggest collegiate competitions in the country for the past
six years. In addition to the large number of competitors, we attract
hundreds of spectators and ballroom dance enthusiasts every day, since
admission to watch the competition is free of charge and open to everyone.
This year, we are hoping to host an even more successful and popular
competition by inviting a professional ballroom dance couple to MIT to give a
show on the evening of Saturday April 5th, after the competitive events. This
performance will be free for all spectators and will be sure to attract an
even larger audience.

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